About the Organisation

The Association was formed as Wessex Occupational and Safety Association. It then moved forward to encompass health matters, hence its change of name to the present one.

Under the guidance of Safety Groups UK the Association is a non-profit making organisation with membership drawn from local firms, local authorities, safety equipment suppliers and others and has a well supported membership. It is also supported by the Health & Safety Executive and by the local Environmental Health Officers.

Membership of the Association gives the opportunity for delegates and guests to attend monthly afternoon meetings during the year, where invited guest speakers give advice and guidance on a wide range of occupational health & safety matters.

Attendance at the monthly meetings, hosted by Hall & Woodhouse Ltd at their public house The Olive Branch in Wimborne, not only provides useful information, but also gives attendees the opportunity to meet people who, jointly, have a wealth of knowledge on health & safety matters.

With its monthly meetings and personal contacts, the Association meets its aims of assisting local business.


About Safety Groups UK

SGUK is the co-ordinating body for the network of voluntary occupational health and safety groups located throughout the UK. The groups raise awareness and spread knowledge and it is SGUK’s job to help them do so as effectively as possible.

Formerly the National Health and Safety Groups Council (established in 1947), SGUK took on its present form in 2006. Its key role is to promote and support the local and sector groups and to grow the health and safety groups ‘movement’, so that, collectively, we are recognised as an active, distinctive and respected player in the UK health and safety system.

SGUK is a registered charity, number 1048425. Many individual local health and safety groups are also registered charities.

SGUK’s mission is to promote health and safety by supporting a thriving national network of health and safety Groups.

Its vision, is for there to be accessible, active and engaged safety groups in all parts of the country, for small firms to recognise them as a friendly source of free help and advice on a wide range of issues and for SGUK, as the hub of the movement, to be an authoritative, influential participant in shaping UK health and safety strategy.

SGUK is supported by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), who provide a Secretariat. However, it is largely a voluntary organisation, led by a Management Committee, whose members are drawn from a wide range of health and safety backgrounds – Fire Service, Health & Safety Executive (HSE), industry, suppliers. It is supported by Sponsors and has a number of Partners. SGUK’s income is from sponsorship.